Your hotel soap bar is getting a makeover. And it’s fresh thinking on product design and packaging.

To reduce waste from soap bars that are thrown away before they are finished, the Green Natura brand introduced a new product design that meets the needs of most hotel guests who do not use an entire bar of soap during their visit.

“Global Soap estimates more than 2.6 million bars of soap are discarded daily in the hospitality industry,” said AH&LA (American Hotel & Lodging Association) President/CEO Katherine Lugar.

This new “waste-reducing” soap design is helping the hospitality industry to eliminate soap waste. Don’t be surprised next time your hotel soap looks a little holey. (As an added plus, this new design creates a little handle so your slippery hands don’t let the soap fall onto the shower floor. )

Are you ready to bring innovative product design to the traditional products in your industry?