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Often customer service communications is overlooked when you’re focused on building brand loyalty. But there are simple steps and mindset shifts to help you create customers for life.

In this Instagram live conversation, Janet Morgenstern Passani from @jutemarketing and Rachel Solomon from Honor Code Creative, share best practices to help you create super loyal customers for your brand.

We invite you to listen and learn easy-to-implement tips. Below is a timeline of our conversation if you wish to jump to different sections, but it’s well worth your time to listen to the entire conversation. You’ll learn valuable customer communications tips, including how to use your brand voice, which is often overlooked until something goes wrong.

3:06 What is brand voice and why it’s important to create a sticky, meaningful voice.

11:07 Bring your values. Doing a little extra, without spending a lot of money, can create magical, memorable brand experiences.

13:31 Be authentic. If you’re writing a phrase that you’ve heard before, don’t use it. It’s meaningless.

17:23 Write the letter you’d like to receive. Be honest and straightforward.

22:05 Send quick appreciation notes.

27:27 Most importantly, think long-term.

Watch video here.

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