I love glass packaging. Yes, it’s heavier to ship than plastic containers and the cost of goods is more expensive, but for some brands and consumers, it’s the preferred packaging vessel. There is a certain level of trust associated with products that are packed in glass. Number one reason: there are no BPA issues.  Number two: there is an old-fashioned nostalgia with memories of pure ingredients and simpler days. Take a look at milk in glass bottles and flashback to when the milkman delivered this fresh, local product to your doorstep.

What’s old is also what’s new. Meet Cocoa Metro*. With a glass package and retro, hip identity, this brand perfectly blends a contemporary design with the goodness of simple glass packaging. Crescent Ridge dairy bottle

Food and glass packaging are a common duo, but glass also pops up in a number of other product categories. Personal care is one example. I buy Dr. Hauschka products in glass bottles. Very expensive products I know, but it’s the trust factor again and reinforcement of their brand heritage that started years ago before PETE became a popular packaging option.

Eco-friendly consumers are tossing their plastic food containers and replacing them with reusable glass containers, and often reusing the glass containers from their favorite brands. If you sneak into my cabinets, you’ll find dried beans in my large beverage bottles. For the green consumers with a weakness for stylish housewares, there’s an emergence of beautiful repurposed glass products including dinnerware.

There have been many casualties with glass items in my house. The recycled glass plate that shattered with hot soup in it (and what a mess that was), and my cracked glasses that sadly had to be tossed into the recycle bin. In spite of the downsides, I have a bias toward brands in glass packaging and I think I’m not the only one. As consumers continue their quest to know the origins and stories behind consumable products, I wonder if more brands will override the cost and other trade-offs and select glass packaging to convey product authenticity and purity.

* Note: some of the brand packaging mentioned in this post has changed since this post was originally written.