Here’s a story of a brand that transformed from grassroots hippie to eco chic. The challenge was to position the Mad Hippie brand as a premium skin care line driven by scientific research while maintaining a natural style and hippie attitude.

Old Logo


To accomplish this, Jute Marketing revised the “mad scientist meets hippie” concept to positioning that incorporates a positive message of being madly passionate about premium, natural ingredients and embracing healthy skin at any age. The rebranding project included package design and copy to achieve a balance between hippie and scientific messaging.

 New Logo    


The new logo reinforces the brand essence of earth, love, and beauty, while the “Advance Skin Care” tagline emphasizes the brand’s use of peptide complexes and powerful anti-oxidant ingredients. Brand positioning is reinforced in the copy: “Genuine flower power, natural antioxidants and active essentials work hand in hand to enhance your body’s ability to heal and protect. Mad Hippie helps your skin achieve true harmony.”

New Packaging 

With 1970s inspired custom illustrations integrated into a clean, upscale look, the packaging now conveys a more polished, sophisticated style.


Jute Marketing also recommended changing the brand name from Mad Hippie’s to Mad Hippie as well as switching from a coated box to an uncoated, matte finish box for a natural look. The Whole Foods Market team launching the Mad Hippie product line praised the new brand positioning and is excited to support the brand.

Mad Hippie now has a solid brand foundation upon which they can build a competitive shelf presence alongside established retail brands. The free flowing design style paired with a structured layout achieves a distinctive look in the competitive natural skin care category, and blends premium positioning with a sense of grassroots, hippie fun.

For more information on this success story and others, contact: Janet Morgenstern Passani, founder, Jute Marketing.